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On-line reservation

Description Price (in CZK)
Initial dental examination 1200,-
Consultation 1200,-
Preventive inspection free of charge
Individual treatment plan 250,-

Local anesthesia free of charge
Injection anesthesia free of charge
X-ray free of charge

Treatment of dental caries
Photo- composite filling I. category 1875,-
Photo- composite filling II. category 2310,-
Photo- composite filling III. category 2625,-
Photo- composite filling IV. category 2950,-
Photo- composite filling V. category 3225,-
Reconstructing a tooth with a pin fiberglass 1125,-
Removal og amalgam filling free of charge
Treatment of a child patient
Temporary tooth decay treatment 1900,-
Extraction of a temporary tooth 1000,-
Contribution for the uncooperative child 800,-
Preventive inspection free of charge
Conservative treatment of complications of dental caries
Machine-driven root canal treatment 1800,-

All-ceramic crown E-MAX, Zircon
E-MAX - Ceramic facet 10625,-
Metal-Fused Ceramic Crown 8100,-
Temporary crowns 1000,-
Making imprints, A-silicone free of charge
Tooth Extraction 1000,-
Complicated tooth extraction 2000,-
Wisdom tooth extraction 3800,-
Postoperative treatment of surgical wounds free of charge
Sewing surgical wounds free of charge
Gelatamp free of charge
Mini Implant 9500,-
Tooth Implant 12500,-
Dental Hygiene
Complete package - dental hygiene instruction + ultrasonic removal of tartar + sandblasting (AirFlow) + fluoridation 1500,-
Return visit (within 6 months) 1000,-
Return visit (over 6 months) 1350,-
Dental hygiene for kids under 15 years 1000,-
Application of dental jewel 850,-
In-clinic whitening (Opalescence) 7600,-
In-clinic whitening (Philips Zoom Advanced Power) 9000,-
Home whitening kit (Philips Zoom Day&Night) 3900,-


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