Information for clients with health insurance in the Czech Republic

The Magic Smile Dental Clinic has concluded contracts with the following health insurance companies:

  • 111 - General Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic (VZP)
  • 201 - Military Health Insurance Company of the Czech Republic (VoZP)
  • 205 - Česká průmyslová zdravotní pojišťovna (ČPZP)
  • 207 - Branch Health Insurance Company (OZP)
  • 213 - Revírní bratrská pokladna (RBP-ZP)

At present, above-standard dental care in the Czech Republic is not covered by health insurance companies. The amount of payment for above-standard services is stated in the price list. Prices are valid only for patients with health insurance in the Czech Republic.

Upon request, you will be informed about the amount of payment for a particular treatment and you can consult all prices with the attending physician, who can also prepare a price plan for prosthetic work and implantation.

We accept credit cards and vouchers

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Price list

Performance name Price Uninsured patient
Consultation 1200,- 1200,-
Preventive examination (2 times a year) paid by insurance 1200,-
Injectable local anesthesia paid by insurance 370,-
Digital X-ray (X-ray of one tooth) paid by insurance 300,-
Digital OPG image (X-ray of complete dentition) paid by insurance 600,-
Treatment of tooth decay – photocomposite (white) filling from 2100,- from 2100,-
Treatment of caries of a temporary tooth - photocomposite (white) filling 2100,- 2100,-
Machine root canal treatment (per 1 canal) 1720,- 1720,-
All-ceramic crown 12300,- 13700,-
Inlay all-ceramic 9350,- 10750,-
Ceramic veneer - VENEER E.max® 12300,- 13700,-
Metal-ceramic crown 8900,- 10100,-
Implant insertion from 15500,- from 15500,-
Analgosedation 9700,- 9700,-
Complete dental hygiene including AirFlow® sandblasting 1750,- 1750,-
Recall – re-visit within 7 months 1000,- 1000,-
Recall – re-visit for more than 7 months 1350,- 1350,-
Application of dental jewelry 850,- 850,-
Dental hygiene for children from 12 to 18 years 1000,- 1000,-
Home bleaching 4900,- 4900,-
Combined bleaching 9600,- 9600,-
Whitening consultation 600,- 600,-

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