CEREC technology with 3D scanner

Igor Jemilev
CEREC Technology –the creation of 3D visualization of teeth.
Dr Igor Jemilev, Chief Medical Officer

Using state-of-the-art CEREC® technology, we can offer our clients the production of ceramic veneers and crowns in just one visit. Complete treatment during a single visit in the office takes place without the need for classic impression.

Using CEREC technology, we scan the teeth directly into a computer in 3D, where we can model the crowns and can make them in 10-15 minutes by using milling. This avoids the need for temporary restorations and saves you time. The extremely high strength and precision of CEREC ceramic veneers and crowns guarantee a very long service life.

3D scanner3D scanner
3D scanner3D scanner
3D Dental visualization on CEREC software

CEREC® ceramic restorations are also ideal for the treatment of all major tooth defects such as deep caries, broken teeth or replacements of old amalgam restorations. Furthermore, we use our CEREC dental laboratory to create dental implants, crowns and ceramic veneers.

CEREC® Ceramic replacements have properties nearly identical to natural dental tissues, so they are very durable and their extremely high durability will guarantee the perfect appearance of your teeth for years to come.

Benefits of CEREC® Technology?

  • Only one visit to the doctor is enough
  • No need for dental prints and makeshift solutions
  • Maximum accuracy of ceramic replacement
  • Perfect aesthetics
  • Superior material quality
  • Long life and durability of the replacement
  • Undoubtedly the most cost-effective dental replacement on the market

The Magic Smile® Dental Clinic offers you a CEREC® Premium technology treatment.

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