Teeth extraction

In the present time of advanced technologies and medical skills we try to save every tooth despite its extensive damage. We use extraction only as a final solution when it is absolutely impossible to save the tooth. Teeth are extracted, of course, after applying local anaesthesia or in analgosedation. The procedure is painless and the healing period is made shorter by applying modern medications which support healing. Antibiotics can be prescribed in more complicated cases when surrounding tissues are already affected by an inflammatory process or in the case of complicated surgical extractions.

Wisdom teeth extraction


The dental clinic Magic Smile offers also dental surgery services.

We perform extraction of teeth, including wisdom teeth, by means of a special method using the non-invasive device Piezotome®, which eliminates risks of postoperative complications and shortens the time required for healing. Our aim is to eliminate any fears of the client, to provide maximum possible comfort during the procedure and to shorten the time of healing.

You do not have to be afraid of wisdom teeth extraction any more. You do not have to unnecessarily undergo analgosedation or even general anaesthesia. The device Piezotome® can painlessly and reliably help with the removal of wisdom teeth in local anaesthesia.

"Magic Smile means no pain at the dentist."

If you need to consult the specialists from the Magic Smile clinic, send your OPG image to our email address info@magicsmile.cz or make an appointment for a consultation using the appointment form.

The dental clinic Magic Smile is situated in Prague 2 at Karlovo náměstí 292/15. You can easily reach us by the public transport, by many tram connections or by Metro line B, station Karlovo náměstí. You can park in the courtyard of the building.

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