Root canal treatment - endodoncy

Endodoncy is a specialized field of conservative dentistry. It is concerned with treatment of root canals. The main aim of endodontic treatment is precise removal of infected dental pulp, cleaning of root canal walls and their subsequent hermetic filling and closing. Proper cleaning of canals prevents inflammation from spreading to surrounding tissues and possibly to adjacent teeth. After high-quality endodontic treatment, a tooth can remain in its place in the mouth and it can continue to serve well for many years.

Endodontic interventions tend to be connected with painful stimuli. Use of local anaesthesia to prevent unnecessary stress and fear from the intervention is taken for granted.  There is a whole range of possible causes of dental pulp inflammation, but dental caries remains the most frequent one. The most effective way how to prevent the disease is appropriate prevention. Therefore do not underestimate the importance of a routine check-up and make regular appointments, twice a year.

The dental clinic Magic Smile offers gentle endodontic treatments using cutting-edge technology and available state-of-the-art filling materials.