PHILIPS Zoom® teeth whitening

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Philips ZOOM Advanced Power ® - The safest way to whiter teeth

Do you want to have a shining smile? Are you tired of constantly trying various whitening toothpastes, lotions, gels and other agents for teeth whitening? Stop experimenting and taking risks. Visit the experts at the dental clinic Magic Smile.

Gentle whitening

machinePhilips ZOOM Advanced Power® whitening gels comply with the new EU legislation which requires that whitening agents must not contain more than a 6% concentration of hydrogen peroxide. Philips ZOOM thus ranks among the gentlest whitening systems offering whitening both in a surgery and at home.

Why choose the Philips Zoom system?

The Philips Zoom system is not only proven to whiten teeth by eight shades, but it is also completely safe. While other whitening products can damage your teeth and gums, the Philips Zoom system with the supporting compound ACP really gives your teeth greater shine and protects the enamel.

How it works?

The whitening procedure has been perfected for many years so that it can guarantee you the whitest teeth in the safest possible way. Gums are carefully protected by a special layer. Hydrogen peroxide breaks molecular bonds which cause stains on teeth and also in them. The intensive light of the LED accelerator of the Philips Zoom Advanced Power® system radiates on the whitening gel and the entire process is, therefore, even faster and the results of whitening are improved by up to 40 %.



Results of whitening by Philips Zoom Advanced Power®

Teeth whitening at home

Teeth whitening at homeTeeth whitening can be performed even at your home. We will take an impression of your teeth, and we will have a whitening gel tray prepared according to it in a dental laboratory. Then we will show you how to correctly apply the whitening gel. Your task will be to apply the whitening gel on the tray and to place the tray on your teeth. If the staining of the teeth is extensive, the whitening process at home can take 2 to 4 weeks.