Most people know very well that the use of a complete removable denture is considerably unpleasant. The dentures do not hold in the mouth very well and force their users to forget eating any hard food. They must eat only soft food and soups. Different fixative creams can hold the denture in the mouth for some time, but they still cannot guarantee that the denture will not fall out at an improper moment.

veneer“While I was still in the productive age, I lost my teeth on both the upper and lower jaws because of periodontitis. I refused implantation of new teeth because of my health condition and financial reasons. My dentist prepared a standard removable resin denture and warned me in advance that I would probably need a fixative cream to hold the denture in its place. Since that time I have tried a great many different creams, but the result has been the same – the denture did not hold and continued to fall while I was speaking or eating.”

Do you have the same experience?

Do you want to regain your self-confidence and not to have to restrict your social or work activities? Mini implants will help you!

The use of mini implants will help you maximally fix the denture in the mouth, and you will regain confidence that you will not get into an embarrassing situation.

What is a mini implant?

Mini implant is a reduced copy of a standard implant. Mini implants are made of a titanium alloy and their appearance resembles miniature screws (diameter 1.8 – 3.0 mm) with a ball head. The head fits in the denture and thus it holds the denture reliably in its place.


The main advantage of mini implants is that unlike classical big implants they have minimum contraindications. Thanks to their smaller dimension, mini implants do not need large volume of bone for their placement, and they are therefore suitable in the case of atrophies (wasting away) of bone tissue.

Basic advantages of mini implants:

  • Minimum contraindications.
  • Absolutely painless application without surgical incisions.
  • Quick healing of mini implants and possibility of their immediate use. This means that you can use the denture already on the second day.
  • The use of mini implants is financially less demanding for a patient.

What is the procedure of fixing mini implants?

Placement of mini implants is not complicated. On the basis of an initial examination and an X-ray image a dentist will determine the precise dimensions and location of mini implants. The placement of a mini implant in the jawbone is performed in local anaesthesia without any surgical incision. 2-4 mini implants are used for reliable fixing of a denture.

The entire process of placing mini implants takes approximately 1 hour.

Care for mini implants

Care for mini implants does not different in any way from care for a standard denture. Every day, preferably in the evening, it should be taken out from the mouth and carefully cleaned with a toothbrush. The mouth should be rinsed with mouthwash. No further special care is necessary.

Mini implants should be checked during a regular routine check-up once or twice a year or on the basis of your dentist’s recommendation.

Time of use

The time of using mini implants is not restricted in any way. After placement mini implants become a part of the bone where they stay for the whole life.


Absolute contraindications for mini implants are:

  • Radiation therapy
  • Alzheimer’s disease

Prior to the placement of a mini implant inform the dentist of your current health condition.

veneer“After the placement of mini implants I forgot about the problems with my denture which used to become unfixed and fall out. Finally, I can enjoy my food without fear. I can recommend them to everyone who has problems with a removable denture!”

Mini implants will allow you again to enjoy your life to the fullest, to speak with friends and eat your favourite food without any limitations.