Dental hygiene

It is no secret that clean teeth do not rot. Therefore, dental hygiene is an integral part of modern stomatology and besides regular preventive visits, it helps to keep teeth naturally clean, without pigmentation, tartar and especially without caries. Our dental hygiene experts will help you navigate in a number of dental aids, learn to handle them and find exactly the home care procedure that matches your dental condition.

Why is dental hygiene so important?

Thanks to bacteria, plaque deposition in hard-to-reach areas, such as interdental spaces, creates an acidic environment that damages hard dental tissues, most often resulting in tooth decay. Also, dental plaque together with pigmentation does not look aesthetically good. Over time, the mature plaque mineralizes to form tartar. Without prior care, the patient is faced with gingivitis, and unfortunately, there is a disease called Periodontitis, an inflammation of the pendulum of the tooth, which is often mistaken for hereditary disease.

Initial dental hygiene – Includes removal of soft coatings and tartar using ultrasonic equipment and hand tools. The Air-Flow device removes pigment spots, most often caused by the consumption of coffee, teas, coloured drinks and food, and smoking. It also includes an assessment of the oral cavity, selection of the right dental aids and training of cleaning techniques.
Price 2150 CZK.

Recall up to 7 months - regular dental hygiene avoids unpleasant tooth decay and continually removes pigmentation from coffee, tea or smoking. Calibration of proper dental aids is a matter of course.
Price 1250 CZK.

Recall over 7 months
Price 1750 CZK.

Teeth whitening

Since time immemorial, people have longed for a healthy and white smile. At our clinic, we have provided a whitening system for you to leave with a radiant smile. This way we can guarantee that your teeth will be truly white and will last forever. Our bleaching technique is completely safe and you do not have to worry about any damage to your enamel. However, an important aspect of effective whitening is mastered perfect home hygiene. It is not possible to whiten teeth in case of caries or gum inflammation, tartar and pigmentation. That's why every bleaching is preceded by thorough dental hygiene when our specialist teaches you how to care for your teeth so that you can then enjoy your breath-taking MagicSmile!

How does the whitening work?

During your first visit, your treatment specialist will make perfect imprints of your teeth, and your dental laboratory will make perfect tight carriers for use with the whitening gels for the next 14 nights. The gels you receive from your attending specialist should be kept cool, preferably in the refrigerator. In the case of combined bleaching, on the fifteenth day, you will receive the final whitening in the dental hygiene office.

Combined teeth whitening 125000 CZK.
Home teeth whitening 7000 CZK.

Dental hygieneDental hygiene

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