Dental hygiene and Air-Flow

When we hear the term “dental hygiene”, most of us today think not only of the regular hygiene which we do everyday as a matter-of-fact alone at home but also of the professional hygiene which is performed by dental hygienists at dental facilities.

It is usually recommended that we undergo professional dental hygiene once in six months, in some cases once in three to four months. The treatment provided by a dental hygienist at the Magic Smile clinic will guarantee perfect removal of dental plaque and tartar and subsequent protection of teeth thanks to the use of a fluoride gel.

Accretion of dental plaque in places which are difficult to access, for example, between teeth, creates an environment for long-term effect of a combination of chemical substances and bacteria, which damage hard dental tissues and which can cause dental caries. Dental tartar, which forms after the accretion of dental plaque, causes the colour of teeth to change and pathological damage to gums which leads to periodontitis and can affect the tooth suspension apparatus.

Air-Flow and professional cleaning of teeth

hygiena3 Thanks to the modern technology of the Air-Flow device, it is possible to remove dental plaque and tea, coffee, wine and cigarette stains. A fine powder containing calcium, which removes the accretions, is applied onto the tooth surface by high pressure via a special nozzle.

The Air-Flow method can also be used to clean braces.
The Air-Flow procedure takes approximately 30 minutes.

The use of this device restores natural colour to teeth. After professional cleaning, teeth again look attractive.

Removal of dental tartar

hygiena1According to the statistics more than 70% of the adult population suffers from dental tartar (hardened plaque). However, it is not only an aesthetic problem, because dental tartar can cause also dental and gum diseases. Tartar does not occur only above gums but also under them, where it is impossible to ensure perfect individual hygiene. Tartar can, therefore, cause a permanent inflammation process in gums which is accompanied by bleeding of gums, often together with a feeling of unpleasant aftertaste or mouth odour. Tartar is one of the main causes of periodontitis and of overall damage to the tooth suspension apparatus. Last but not least, the permanent inflammation process can have a negative effect on the whole organism.

Complete dental hygiene including Air-Flow

Dental hygiene training + removal of dental tartar + polishing of teeth using the Air-Flow method + enamel fluoridation

The treatment takes place in four stages. Dental tartar is removed by an ultrasound device. This procedure is absolutely painless and safe (if necessary or if a client requires so, local anaesthesia can be applied in the place of treatment). After the removal of tartar by ultrasound, manual tools, the so-called curettes, are used for perfect removal of any remaining tartar, for example, from the spaces between teeth. Then pigmentation and any stains, for example, from cigarettes, are cleaned from the surface of teeth by a sandblasting Air-Flow machine and rotating brushes with a special paste. The final stage is the application of a fluoride gel which provides treatment and protection for the tooth.