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Choosing the right denture - Dr. Igor Jemilev

Are your teeth in less than an ideal condition and they do not work as they should? Do you need to have something done with the appearance of your teeth? We will be happy to advise and help you in our dental clinic Magic Smile.

We will prepare a complex treatment plan and choose a suitable type of prosthesis in order to ensure first-class function and achieve the best possible aesthetic result.

Missing teeth can be replaced in several ways:

  • All-ceramic crowns
  • Dental bridges
  • Removable dentures
  • Dental implants

All-ceramic crowns

All-ceramic crownsAll-ceramic crowns are a modern method which makes it possible to meet requirements of most demanding clients. The main advantage of all-ceramic crowns is their resistance and very good appearance. All-ceramic crowns are almost undistinguishable from natural teeth.

The dental crown replaces one missing tooth and is most often metal-ceramic and all-ceramic. We produce the all-ceramic ones at the clinic, using patented CEREC® technology, thus reducing the time spent in our office to tens of minutes.

Dental bridges

Dental bridgesCompared to a dental crown, a dental bridge replaces one or more teeth. As a rule, it is attached to the teeth surrounding the missing tooth and therefore, unlike a dental implant, it is necessary to grind adjacent teeth so that they can hold and fix the bridge. Most often it is made in a dental laboratory and its final result requires more visits to the dentist.

Péče o korunky a můstky i nadále vyžaduje pečlivou ústní hygienu a pravidelné návštěvy u zubního lékaře, aby Vám co nejdéle vydrželi.

Removable dentures

Removable denturesRemovable dentures are in some cases a suitable solution for a dental defect. A removable prosthesis is used, for instance, in the absence of bone for dental implants.

Within the framework of dental prosthetics, we offer several types of removable dentures, whether partial, combined or total.

Dental implant

Dental implantIt is the most effective and very gentle solution for dental restorations. You will appreciate this especially if you lost your tooth by accident or inflammation and need a fixed replacement. The dental implant reliably fills the gap after the torn/lost tooth and simultaneously, does not require grinding of healthy surrounding teeth to form a bridge. The inserted implant does not effect the surrounding teeth and its lifetime is indeed almost a lifetime.

At Magic Smile Clinic we have a specialized department of implantology under the guidance of experienced experts in their field. With the latest technology, we are able to choose the right variant of the dental replacement without unnecessary repeated visits to the dental office.

Reasons to choose dental restorations with Magic Smile:

  • Wide range of options – we offer individual solutions of dental restorations from crowns, bridges to dental implant insertion. We can adapt to your wishes in terms of health, aesthetics and last but not least financially.
  • We have TOP instrumentation - CEREC technology with 3D visualization of your teeth is able to produce dental crowns and implants with maximum accuracy to a millimetre and maximum aesthetic and fully functional. The more accurately your dental restoration is made, the longer its service life will be.
  • We use quality materials - ceramics is a highly durable and solid material that is almost indistinguishable from the enamel itself. We achieve a perfect aesthetic appearance of your teeth.
  • We save your time at the dentist - we minimize dental visits. Thanks to the CEREC robotic system, we can produce ceramic dentures in a very short time.

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