Analgosedation, pain - free treatment

Do you suffer from panic fear at the dentist? Are you afraid to enter the dental office just because of the sound of a dental drill? Would you like to fall asleep and wake up when it's over?

We have a solution for you! Treatment in analgosedation, or what I do not remember, it did not happen. You will wake up after the procedure without even perceiving dental treatment!

Analgosedation (Greek an=without, algos=pain) is a condition induced by a combination of an analgesic with a sedative. It is a pharmacologically induced condition in which feelings of fear and stress are entirely eliminated. The aim is to ease the pain, soothe the patient and relax the muscles. There is no unconsciousness during analgosedation as in general anaesthesia. The treated patient only sleeps during the whole procedure and does not remember the course of the treatment.

Who is analgosedation (controlled sedation) suitable for?

We recommend analgosedation (controlled sedation) to very anxious patients undergoing a larger outpatient procedure and to those who do not tolerate the usual treatment well. Analgosedation is also suitable for clients that are greatly afraid of dental procedures, especially the extraction and insertion of implants.

This procedure requires an initial consultation with specialists!

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