Aesthetic stomatology

Every year, among the clients of the Magic Smile dental clinic, there is a growing number of patients who care not only about the health of their teeth, but also want a flawless smile. The aesthetic reconstruction of the teeth is thus becoming an increasingly desirable service.

Igor Jemilev
Possibilities of aesthetic treatment - Dr Igor Jemilev, Chief Medical Officer

Over the years, our teeth lose their original appearance, the colour of teeth changes, various cracks and pigments appear, and last but not least, the tooth enamel is lost. At Magic Smile Clinic, we can return your teeth their fading beauty thanks to first-class technology

Aesthetic dentistry has an important place in the offered range of services of the dental clinic Magic Smile. We provide above-standard and individual care for every patient.

We use the following modern methods and materials in aesthetic dentistry:

The aim of aesthetic dentistry is to choose a treatment which will lead to a natural and healthy appearance of a set of teeth and to apply it. We achieve this aim by using the latest techniques and materials.

Aesthetic reconstruction of teeth

Aesthetic dentition reconstruction is a new trend in stomatology that will return your teeth their fading beauty. By aesthetic denture reconstruction, we understand the restoration of appearance and function of damaged teeth. This restoration can be achieved with composite fillings or all-ceramic veneers.

In addition, with age, the colour of the teeth changes, the enamel becomes yellow or darker and dark spots or other imperfections appear. All these aesthetic changes were previously attributed to old age and considered to be completely natural. But today's modern stomatology is able to remedy it completely and return you a perfect smile at any age.

Methods of aesthetic reconstruction of teeth:

Direct reconstruction of teeth using photopolymers

Teeth reconstruction using composite resins (photopolymers). This method of reconstruction is used for minor defects, chipping or dental caries in the front visible part of the teeth. The doctor will perform a direct reconstruction in one visit.

 Aesthetic stomatology

Indirect tooth reconstruction using veneers

This method of reconstruction is used for larger defects or when splitting enamel to more than ½ of the tooth. In this case, the reconstruction is completed in two visits! Ceramic veneers usually solve larger defects or are used when several teeth need to be reconstructed concurrently.

 Aesthetic stomatology

Correction of cosmetic defects of the front teeth

Some minor cosmetic defects of the anterior teeth can be eliminated without the need for orthodontic correction of the bite. In these cases, the problem is solved either by direct reconstruction or by employing ceramic veneers.

 Aesthetic stomatology

Reconstruction of damaged teeth

Tooth damage occurs for a variety of reasons. Sometimes the dentition is damaged even to the point that it may at first seem impossible to save. At the Magic Smile Dental Clinic, the restoration of a completely damaged tooth has been a routine for a long time and you don't have to worry about anything. We will return your tooth to a functional and aesthetic quality so that you can easily chew and smile again.

 Aesthetic stomatology

If you need advice on dental reconstruction, please book for a consultation. Experts from the dental clinic Magic Smile will introduce you in detail to the advantages of aesthetic dentition reconstruction and help you choose the most suitable way to a healthy and impeccable smile.

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