Current information

Dear Clients,

There is incidence of Coronavirus in the Czech Republic and , we are offering dental treatments with minimal risks for dentists as well as for our patients.

  1. If you feel unwell, or have any symptoms of a viral infection (fever, cold, cough etc) or if you have been quarantined, please cancel the appointment with the dentist.
  2. In emergencies cases (pain, excessive swelling in areas of the head and neck, fever) please inform the reception and discuss with us beforehand when the treatment can be carried out. Do not enter the dental room without first speaking with the reception so we can prepare and you dont unncessarily interact with other patients.

We are fully equipped to operate in the current conditions and we have implemented comprehensive measures to protect you and yourself.

Therefore, we ask you to wash your hands, use disinfection and fill in the Anamnestic questionnaire after coming to the clinic

Entry to the clinic building is allowed only with the mouth and nose covered.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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